Workers Compensation


The workers’ compensation office handles claims for all work-related injuries for county employees. The office refers the employee to initial medical care and advises them on how to proceed with:

  • Obtaining medication
  • Processing claims
  • Receiving follow-up medical care

First Report of Injury or Illness

Operation Information

Monroe County is self-insured for workers’ compensation and uses a third-party administrator to handle its workers’ compensation claims after initial or first-time medical care has been obtained.

State Division Information

Injured workers are encouraged to visit the State of Florida’s Division of Workers’ Compensation website, where extensive information such as publications, a number of databases, rules, and forms can be viewed to give a better understanding of workers’ compensation.

Any questions related to workers’ compensation for the general public are referred to this division as well. For more information, call 800-342-1747.

Mission Statement 

To secure equitable and timely administration of the provisions of the Florida Workers’ Compensation law on behalf of our injured workers by providing an efficient and effective forum with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all injured workers receive all services that are provided in accordance with governmental regulations.