Card Sound Toll Authority

Photo of new Card Sound Road All-Electronic Toll in October 2018


The Card Sound Toll Authority is primarily responsible for operating the Card Sound Bridge toll booth in North Key Largo. The department also maintains the toll facilities and grounds and mows and cuts brush on the right of way along Card Sound Road.


The new All-Electronic Tolling System on Card Sound Road replaces the cash-only tollbooths that were removed in 2017.

With the new system, all tolls will be collected electronically. Motorists will use either SunPass®, another interoperable transponder, or be billed utilizing the TOLL-BY-PLATE system. 

Cash will not be accepted on the roadway. TOLL-BY-PLATE customers will be charged the toll, plus a monthly $2.50 administrative fee and will receive a bill by mail. 

New Toll Rates

The Board of County Commissioners set the new toll rates, which will help to fund future repair and replacement of the five bridges along Card Sound road:

  • $1.50 for two-axle vehicles: cars, pickup trucks or motorcycles. This is 75 cents per axle for two-axle vehicles only.
  • $1.00 per axle for vehicles with more than two axles 

This is an increase from the 50-cents per axle that was first put in place in 1989 and had been at that rate for decades with the exception of a three -year period from 1992-95 when it was 75 cents per axle. The original toll was 50-cents per car in 1964.

Discount Programs

Two discount programs are available for two-axle vehicles only – and those two-axle vehicles must use SunPass® and have an account in good standing.


  • For frequent users who drive two-axle vehicles
  • Automatically receive a 40% rebate on SunPass® account after any calendar month you make at least 28 one-way trips through the toll
  • Must make trips using a valid SunPass® transponder
  • Transponder must be used on the vehicle to which it is registered
  • You do not need to sign-up for this program. It’s automatic.


  • Annual pass program begins Jan. 1, 2019
  • For frequent users who drive two-axle vehicles
  • To be eligible to participate, you must first purchase a SunPass® transponder and open an account with a $10 minimum initial prepaid balance
  • You must sign up for the program with the Card Sound Toll Authority and pay an annual fee of $360
  • Provides unlimited trips through the Card Sound Road toll facility for a calendar year (Jan. 1 through Dec. 31). Customers are charged the SunPass rate on all other facilities accepting SunPass statewide.
  • Annual Pass is only valid for the vehicle and license plate enrolled or with the SunPass® transponder listed on the application
  • Annual Pass is not transferrable to another vehicle

NOTE: Discount programs do not apply to vehicles towing a boat or trailer. Your account will be charged $1 per each additional axle for any vehicle going through the toll with three axles or more, even if you have an annual pass. And trips made through the toll with three axles or more will not count toward the rebate program.

Where can I get SunPass?

The SunPass Mini transponder costs $4.99 and is available at thousands of retail locations including Publix, CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Navarro Discount Pharmacies, Sedano’s Supermarkets, Amscot, all AAA locations in Florida, Florida Welcome Centers, all Turnpike service plaza gift shops and Turnpike convenience stores. It is also available at and at 1-888-TOLL-FLA (865-5352).

MORE INFORMATION: Contact Don Crouch with Monroe County. Work: 305-453-8761 or Cell: 305-797-1702; Email


The new toll rate is needed to pay for personnel and maintenance costs for Card Sound Road and the five bridges on it. These costs have increased over time and the annual costs will soon surpass annual revenue.

In addition, the County’s 2014 bridge assessment report states the primary Card Sound Bridge should be scheduled for replacement in 2030 at an estimate price tag of $32 million.