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Pet Owner Shelter Application


  1. 1. Agreement
  2. 2. Pet-Friendly Hurricane Evacuation Center (PHEC) Pre-Guidelines
  3. 3. Application: Part 1
  4. 4. Application: Part 2
  • Agreement

    1. I understand that an emergency exists and that special arrangements have been made to allow my family and pet(s) to remain together in this shelter facility. I understand and agree to abide by the pet care rules contained in this agreement and have explained them to any other family member accompanying my pet(s) and me.


      1. My pet(s) will remain contained in its approved carrier except at scheduled times. During scheduled relief times, my pet(s) will be properly confined with leash, harness or muzzle (if necessary). Scheduled times will be strictly adhered to.

      2. I agree to supply food and bowls for food and water.

      3. I certify that my pet(s) is current on rabies and all other vaccinations recommended.

      4. I will maintain proper identification on my pet(s) and its carrier at all times.

      5. I will permit qualified animal shelter personnel/vet to administer medical care should it become necessary.

      6. I acknowledge that my failure to follow these rules may result in the removal of my pet(s) to another location. I further understand that if my pet(s) becomes unruly, aggressive, shows signs of contagious disease, is infested by parasites (fleas, ticks, lice, etc.) or begins showing signs of stress related conditions, it may be removed to a more appropriate location. I understand that any decision concerning the care and welfare of my pet(s) and the shelter population as a whole are within the sole discretion of the shelter manager, whose decision is final.

      7. I further understand that any damage caused by my pet(s) will be my responsibility. I certify that my pet(s) has no previous history of aggressive behavior and has not been diagnosed with any contagious disease for which it has not received successful treatment. I hereby agree and hold harmless all persons, organizations, corporations, or government agencies involved in the care and sheltering of my animal(s). I further agree to indemnify any persons or entities which may have suffered any loss or damage as a result of the care and sheltering of my animal(s).
    2. By printing your name above, you certify that all information is accurate and true to the best of your knowledge.