Hurricane Debris Removal

Debris Collection on Big Pine Key Dec. 2017-W

After a hurricane in Monroe County, FEMA eligible hurricane-related debris will be picked up free of charge by Monroe County contractors in unincorporated Monroe County, the City of Layton, and the City of Key Colony Beach. The City of Key West, the Village of Islamorada, and the City of Marathon also have contractors who will pick up hurricane-related debris free of charge.

Hurricane-Related Debris Pick Up

  • Stack your hurricane-related debris on the County right-of-way, or road shoulder, in front of your home. It must not block the road or driveways.
  • Do not put debris on vacant lots or other private property. It will not be picked up.
  • In areas with vacuum sewers in Key Largo and Tavernier, do not to stack debris near sewer system breathers, which are in the right-of-way. In the Upper Keys, they look like small concrete pillars.
  • Keep debris away from fire hydrants and utility poles.

Hurricane-Related Debris MUST Be Separated

You must separate your hurricane-related debris into six groups:

  1. Regular household trash needs to be disposed of during the regular collection of garbage. Contents of refrigerators need to be thrown out in the regular trash that is picked up by regular garbage collection.
  2. Construction debris, like drywall, mattresses, sofas, etc.
  3. Vegetative debris, like tree branches and leaves.
  4. Household hazardous waste, which includes paints and cleaners.
  5. Household appliances, also known as white goods, like refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers.
  6. Electronics, like televisions and computers. 

FEMA CHART for Debris Residential Sorting Curbside

Items NOT Eligible for Free Pickup

In addition to household trash, things that are not eligible for hurricane-related pickup by debris contractor include cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, boats or other watercraft, and car parts, like tires. Regular household trash should be placed in containers for regular pickup. Please call a local towing company for more information about these items. 

Illegal Dumping is a Felony

It is illegal to dump household appliances, construction materials, boats, trailers, RVs, and vegetative debris on County-owned vacant land and County rights-of-way and streets and is a felony. 

The extra disposal cost is paid by Monroe County taxpayers for those who do not dispose of items properly. Household appliances – beds, dressers, appliances, carpeting, etc. – can be removed by local haulers at no cost to the resident. 

Boats, boat trailers, RVs without motors, campers, and other big items can be disposed at Monroe County’s three transfer stations at a price per ton. Contact a transfer station regarding pricing:

  • Cudjoe Key: 305-745-2513
  • Long Key: 305-664-2263
  • Key Largo: 305-367-4236

If you see illegal dumping, call Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at 305-292-7000. For more information about illegal dumping, call Monroe County Solid Waste at 305-292-4323 or visit