Appeal Process

Coastal Flood Maps (reference here as flood maps) are used to determine the minimum elevation needed for construction to reduce the chances of flooding, as well as construction methods required in certain zones. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released new PRELIMINARY flood maps for Monroe County. Monroe County wants to ensure all residents and owners are aware of the potential for changes for their property so that they can be informed and make proactive decisions.

90-Day Appeal Ends June 17, 2021

All private appeals must be received by Monroe County by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Any community or individual property owner can appeal proposed changes to flood hazard information or comment on other information included on the preliminary flood hazard maps, also known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and the preliminary Flood Insurance Study (FIS) report. 

Per FEMA, an appeal must be based on data and documentation showing the proposed flood hazard information shown on the preliminary FIRM or in the FIS report is scientifically or technically incorrect. Appellants need to demonstrate better methodologies, assumptions or data exists and provide alternative analyses that incorporate those methodologies, assumptions, or data if appropriate. The results must show an overall change in the flood hazard information shown on the preliminary FIRM and/or in the FIS report.

Formal appeals of the Preliminary Maps to areas in Unincorporated Monroe County must be submitted to FEMA through Monroe County.  Both the FEMA MT -2 and Monroe County appeal applications with all proposed changes must be submitted along with the data and documentation supporting proposed changes.

These appeals will have a $170 nonrefundable application fee and a $5,000 deposit required to be submitted as part of the application. The $5,000 deposit will be held in escrow and the money from this deposit will be used on an as-required basis by the County’s consultant in marshaling the individual appeal. At the conclusion of the appeal, any remainder of the deposit will be returned to the Applicant.  

Flood Map Comparison Application

Monroe County created an application that shows property owners the current Effective FEMA Flood Maps, the FEMA Preliminary Flood Maps, and the County’s Appeal Flood Maps developed by Woods Hole Group for Monroe County’s appeal of the Preliminary FIRMs

To use this application, simply enter in the RE# (real estate number format 00000000-000000), the AK# (alternate key number format 0000000), or the Owner's Name (last name, first name format) within the red search box (top left) and the application will zoom to the property, showing a three-pane side-by-side comparison of the maps. For questions, email or call 305-453-8759. To find the RE# or AK# for your property, search the Monroe County Property Appraiser website with a property address or an owner's name.

PLEASE NOTE: This application does not search for properties by Address, and the data in this application is ONLY for Unincorporated Monroe County and does not reflect any of the incorporated municipalities in Monroe County.

DISCLAIMER: The Preliminary Flood Maps and the County’s Appeal Flood Maps are NOT FINAL or ADOPTED. These maps may indicate a future change to required elevation for future construction; however, until such time as FEMA issues a Letter of Final Determination and Monroe County adopts the FIRMs (final flood zone maps), all information in the Preliminary Flood Maps and County Appeal Flood Maps are subject to change. Property owners/applicants are being informed about the upcoming release of the new flood maps and that the permitting requirements may change based on the final flood maps. Please note, the Preliminary Flood Maps and the County’s Appeal Flood Maps are preliminary and subject to an appeal. The final outcome will not be known until the appeal(s) are resolved and an Applicant’s/Owner’s use of this preliminary data is at their own discretion.FEMA Appeal Process

Tentative Timeline

The following diagram shows the tentative process timeline provided by FEMA for the Draft Maps, Preliminary Maps, and Final Maps:


For More Information

For more information about the FEMA mapping process, email or call 305-453-8759. To learn more about flood insurance, talk to your insurance agent, or visit