Project Management

57 Bernstein Park A month Before Irma Struck LR

The Monroe County Project Management Office contracts and builds all new public facilities for Monroe County, manages assigned special projects and serves as the Tourist Development Council’s grant compliance inspection service.

The office also manages all capital improvement projects for existing buildings, parks, beaches and boat ramps. We currently manage more than 100 capital projects with a total multi-year capital construction budget of $100 million.

The majority of this work is funded by the One-Cent Infrastructure Sales Tax. Grant awards account for significant supplemental capital funding.

In 2018, the office assisted or was directly responsible for more than $20 million in grant awards.

A meeting to go over plans for the Cudjoe Key fire station

Major Capital Incentives 

  • Plantation Key Court House & Detention Center: $34 million
  • Monroe County’s Marathon Branch Library and Adult Education Center: $6 million
  • Cudjoe Key Fire Station: $4 million
  • Monroe County Emergency Operations Center: $22 million
  • Key West Senior Center: $4 million
  • Lower Keys Scenic Viewing Area & Nature Center: $2 million
  • Higgs Beach Park Access Road Realignment: $5 million
  • Monroe County Transfer Stations – New Scale Buildings at 3 locations: $1 million
  • Public Defender Key West Offices: $4 million
  • 1892 Sheriff Residence & Jail Museum: $1.5 million
  • Pigeon Key Honeymoon Cottage & Commissary Restorations: $1.5 million
  • East Martello Museum Drainage Project: $1 million
  • East Martello Museum Roof: $1 million
  • West Martello Museum Brick & Mortar: $1 million
  • Jackson Square Chiller Building: $2 million
  • Jackson Square Communications Tower Relocation: $1 million


Hurricane Irma

The Project Management Office also is overseeing $21 million in work to repair damage caused by Hurricane Irma at 48 structures, 17 parks, 7 boat ramps and 3 tower sites. The office also managed more than $2 million in emergency and protective measures as a result of damage to buildings in the months following Irma.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Project Management is also responsible for studies, assessments, and evaluations, such as for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law calls for the retrofitting of buildings to bring them into compliance.

The Project Management team established a transition plan and is now implementing upgrades approved by the State of Florida in the ADA Transition Plan to Monroe County Facilities from MM 112 to MM 0 along US 1.

To give us some suggestions on our ADA Progress, please fill out this form.