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Posted on: July 22, 2021


Old Havana, Cuba from 2019 with people reading newspapers and making goods on the sidewalk

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution supporting peaceful protests for democracy and liberty in Cuba at the July 21 regular meeting in Marathon.
Cuba is at historic and remarkable civil discontent, where Cubans are protesting courageously in demanding democracy, liberty, and economic security combined with a natural desire to be free. The County recognizes the will of the people in Cuba to be in charge of their destiny through democracy and free elections, and many Florida Keys citizens have come out in strong support of the right of Cubans to be free.
“The people of Monroe County stand with the people of Cuba in support of their quest for democracy, liberty, and freedom,” said Monroe County Mayor Michelle Coldiron. “The ties that bind Monroe County and Cuba are many, and are formed out of our unique cultural history with the island and active family connections in Cuba.”
Generations of Cubans have made the journey, as immigrants and refugees, to the Florida Keys for a better life. Today, the Florida Keys are home to many Cuban refugees who fled the Castro regime. The contributions of Cuban refugees to the Florida Keys are immense, including civic, economic, entrepreneurial, and cultural contributions.
“Witnessing the state of events in Cuba, we can see how a dictatorship has destroyed a crown jewel of the Caribbean,” said Commissioner Eddie Martinez, who is Cuban-American. “We are privileged to live in the best country in the world, but only 90 miles away, we can hear the cries for help and for freedom. We hear you, and we will not turn a blind eye to help the people of Cuba be free people again. Patria y vida.”