What to bring to a hurricane shelter

Water and Food

  • Drinking water in plastic containers (1 gallon per person per day for 14 days)                    
  • Non-perishable food in cans or sealed containers (enough for 14 days)                    
  • Special dietary foods, baby food, formula, manual can opener, paper products, and utensils
  • Portable ice chest with ice

Clothing and Bedding

  • Extra clothes and shoes
  • Sleeping bag, blanket and pillow, and lightweight portable lounge chairs                    
  • Rain gear                    
  • Wash clothes, towels, soap, toothbrush, paper towels, and toilet paper

Baby Supplies                 

  • Clothes and blankets
  • Diapers
  • Formula, bottles, and food

Medications and First Aid Supplies

  • Medication clearly marked with your name, dosage, type of medication, and doctor’s name
  • Must be able to administer all medications
  • First Aid supplies in a waterproof box

Important Papers

  • Name and address of doctors
  • Name and address of nearest relatives
  • Identification and valuable papers


  • Games, cards, toys, battery-powered radios, and flashlights                    
  • Take a bath and eat before you leave home
  • Register immediately upon entering the shelter

Shelter Rules

  • Residents are required to complete registration before entering the shelter    
  • No weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs    
  • No smoking allowed in shelters    
  • ‘Lights out’ quiet time will be enforced    
  • No pets in the general population area except service animals    
  • Children must be attended at all times. Parents are not allowed to leave the premises without them 

Americans Disability Act (ADA) assistance is available at all local shelters.