Fleet Management

J Faulkner and Dean Steele look inside the hood of a white Ford car


The Fleet Management Department services approximately 750 units at three county-owned garages in Key West, Marathon, and Plantation Key. This department is responsible for maintaining, repairing, and providing fuel for the county fleet, which includes automobiles, vans, trucks, heavy equipment, and 70 generators.

Internal Service Fund

This department is an internal service fund, in which each participating county department or agency pays its fair share to fund this department’s entire budget. One participating agency is the Sheriff’s Department, which has 250 vehicles.


Interlocal agreements with Monroe County School Board, and other agencies allow for mutual access to fueling facilities and assistance with routine maintenance, inspections, and repairs. In addition, the department provides:

  • Annual fuel and generator maintenance contracts
  • Emergency road services and hurricane recovery assistance
  • Law enforcement speedometer calibrations
  • Minor paint and body repairs for vehicles
  • Specification and bid packages for new vehicles
  • Surplus vehicle sales

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fleet Management Department is to provide fleet management services in the most effective and efficient manner possible.