Business Recovery

Don’t Let a Hurricane Put Your Business in the Red

Countless businesses have been wiped out, both physically and monetarily, due to hurricanes. Here are some ways to protect your business during the storm:

  • Create an Evacuation Plan.
  • Post a copy of the Evacuation Plan on each floor of the building.
  • Fax a copy of the Evacuation Plan to clients, customers and vendors.
  • Designate a meeting area in the event telephone lines are down.
  • Practice evacuation drills annually with employees.
  • Have your building inspected annually by a certified building inspector.
  • If a hurricane poses an inland threat, secure your windows and doors.
  • Back up all data files and store them in another location.
  • Make provisions to work without electricity, water, sewage, and telephone service for up to two weeks.
  • Contact clients, customers, and vendors when you return to your place of business after the storm. Update them on your company’s status.
  • Have your business appraised every four years.
  • Keep a current inventory of all office machines and supplies.
  • Photograph all of your office equipment.
  • Have copies of your insurance papers handy.
  • You may purchase business interruption insurance, accounts receivable insurance, valuable paperwork insurance, even income destruction insurance. Some acts of nature may require separate coverage, talk to your agent.
  • Keep a record of companies that provide disaster recovery services such as cleanup and debris removal. 

Small Business Disaster Assistance Programs

  • The United States Small Business Administration - The Small Business Administration helps families and businesses recover from national disasters.
  • IRS Tax Relief in Disaster Situations - The IRS can provide tax relief for businesses with the casualty, disaster, and theft losses in disaster situations.
  • FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program - Municipalities, counties and certain private non-profits that provide governmental services may be eligible for assistance through FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program. Public Assistance grants reimburse eligible expenses to remove debris, protect life, health, and safety as well as rebuild damaged infrastructure.