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24 Marty Senterfitt addressing EOC- LR

Monroe County's Emergency Management is part of Monroe County's Emergency Services, which includes Monroe County Fire Rescue.

Emergency Management prepares Monroe County to deal with any event that might threaten the safety of the Florida Keys' residents and visitors -- or impact property or infrastructure.

Emergency Management is the leader, coordinating all municipalities, private partners, and state and federal agencies during emergencies. To make the County less vulnerable, Emergency Management creates and implements comprehensive plans that build, sustain and improve the county’s capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

In September 2017, Emergency Management’s plans and preparation were put to its biggest test in more than half a century when Monroe County suffered a direct hit from Category 4 Hurricane Irma.

Monroe County’s Emergency Operations Center quickly activated to Level 1 on Sept. 5, 2017, as it became likely that the Keys would receive a direct hit from the monster storm in the Atlantic Ocean. Emergency Management managed the response and recovery throughout the rest of 2017.

In 2018, Emergency Management has worked with its partners and the community to improve Monroe County’s Emergency Management Program.

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