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State Bill Tracking

Bills are numbered in the order in which they are filed, with odd numbers being assigned to House bills and even numbers for Senate bills. Bill texts are most easily accessed through the respective chamber websites. When looking for individual bills, it’s critical to know in which year the bill was filed, as the numbering system starts over each year. Both the Senate and House offer tools for tracking the progression of bills through the process. One tactic is to visit the web page and look up the information for an individual bill. Another choice is to sign up for either the House or Senate bill tracking accounts, which will allow users to sign up for notification emails detailing the status of bills of interest. 

State Bill Analyses

Individual bill analyses can be found on the respective bill pages. Analyses are only published if a bill is heard by a committee. Analyses will be modified at each committee stop as the bill is amended. Even if the bill has not been amended, subsequent committees may add information particularly relevant to their subject areas. In recent years, committee staff has also drafted final bill analyses that pass on the floor.

Final bill analyses written by House staff are available on the individual pages for each bill. Senate final bill summaries are available with other Senate Committee Publications.

Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability

The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability [OPPAGA] of the Florida Legislature produces reports on a variety of policy topics. This is a good place to look for detailed information on specific state issues and agency projects. General summaries of the main missions and activities of Florida administrative agencies can also be found at the site.

Florida Economic and Demographics Research

The Florida Economic and Demographics Research [EDR] of the Florida Legislature conducts and publishes research on Florida economic issues. A variety of data on state demographics, revenues, and financial predictions can be found at the site. 

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