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For our October 2020 newsletter, we featured an article written by our Sea Grant Agent, Shelly Krueger, 2021 Horseshoe Crab Census!  Free VIRTUAL Training Course.horseshoe crab

"The oldest animal fossil ever found was from a horseshoe crab that was alive 445 million years ago.  Horseshoe crabs roamed the continental shelves of the primordial seas 200 million years before the dinosaurs!  For this reason, horseshoe crabs are real living fossils.  Horseshoe crabs are not actually crabs, their closest ocean cousins are sea spiders and they are related to spiders, ticks, and mites.  Some people think their tail is a stinger, but that isn’t true either – since they do not have arms they use their tail (called the telson) to turn them right side up when they get flipped over.  Horseshoe crabs are harmless to humans.”

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