CJMHSA Planning Council

At the August 17, 2016 Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) meeting, the BOCC approved designating the Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board (SAPAB) to also serve as the Planning Council as it is necessary for the Florida Department of Children and Families, Office of Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Substance Abuse (CJMHSA) Reinvestment Grant (Program). The BOCC authorized the modification of the current SAPAB membership when serving as the Planning Council to meet the statutory requirements of F.S 394.657 for Planning Council activities.

Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant  
Section in the grant addresses how the agencies and organizations involved will communicate throughout the lifetime of the project. The Planning Council will meet quarterly throughout the grant term. During each of these meetings, the Planning Council will assess the progress of the expanded diversion project based on established timelines, review the attainment of goals, and make the necessary adjustment to implementation activities as needed. All formal decisions regarding the diversion project expansion will be brought to a vote at the Planning Council meetings, and any changes to the project will need a majority to pass. The grant term ends December 31, 2019.

Upon expiration of The Criminal Justice, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant (GRANT# RFA06H16GS1), the CJHMSA Planning Council will discontinue its regular quarterly meetings until statutorily required per F.S. 394.657 for Planning Council activities.

Baker Act & Marchman Act Training for Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Community Agencies and Court Personnel - OVERVIEW:

On June 7, 2018 Martha Lenderman, M.S.W., conducted two (2) training sessions addressing Baker Act and related statutes:  Who is protected, the Designated Monroe County Baker Act Receiving Facilities, voluntary admissions, express & informed consent, involuntary examination, law enforcement initiation, transportation & other law enforcement requirements, rights of persons with mental illnesses and Marchman Act & the Florida Substance Abuse Impairment Act.  The first training was open to the general public with a specific emphasis on inviting professionals who work in Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Community Agencies, and Court Personnel.  The second training was conducted specifically for persons enrolled in the Law Enforcement Academy and was held at the Florida Keys Community College. Informational Flyer

On January 11, 2018, Lenderman conducted two free training sessions with approximately 75 local professionals on updates and the appropriate use of the Baker Act and Marchman Act. Lenderman has consulted for more than 21 years, primarily related to Baker Act and Marchman Act. She assisted the Legislature in the 1996 rewrite of the Baker Act and is currently assisting in writing amendments to the law. In addition, she developed the model Baker Act and Marchman Act forms, wrote the state's Baker Act and Marchman Act Handbooks, wrote the Baker Act Benchguide for judges that are posted on the Florida Supreme Court website, and worked with FDLE on the implementation and training for new firearm restriction legislation. Lenderman serves as a member of the Florida Supreme Court Taskforce on Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

CJMHSA Planning Council Technical Assistance Workshop

On July 20-21, 2017, Mark Engelhardt, MS, MSW, ACSW (Brief Bio & Housing First Implementation), University of South Florida Faculty and Director of the CJMHSA Technical Center (University of South Florida), presented two national evidence-based practices (EBP) for persons with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders involved in the criminal justice system, namely; SAMHSA’s Permanent Supportive Housing EBP Tool Kit and Housing First (Pathways to Housing Fidelity Model).  Mr. Engelhardt discussed international research, principles, model development, financing options, implementation science, and "fidelity" to the models.

Workshop PowerPoint Presentations

Agendas & Minutes

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Most Recent Meeting

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Link to video*: https://monroe-fl.vod.castus.tv/vod/?video=b2db3cab-dd21-4132-af94-7b84dbe9d24f
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Planning Council Members

State Attorney, DesigneeVal Winter
Public DefenderRobert Lockwood
Circuit Court JudgeLuis Garcia
County Court JudgePeary Fowler, Chair
Local Court AdministratorHolly Elomina, Vice-chair
County Commission Chair
County Director of ProbationHeather Tintera
Sheriff, DesigneeKeena Allen
City of Key West Police Chief, DesigneeSean Brandenburg
Area Homeless or Supportive Housing RepresentativeElicia Pintabona
Chief Correctional OfficerTim Age
DJJ – Director of Detention FacilityVincent Vurro
DJJ – Chief of Probation OfficerElaine Thompson
DCF – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office RepresentativeJoseph Laino
Primary Consumer of Mental Health ServicesWayne Lewis
Community Mental Health Agency DirectorMaureen Dunleavy
Local Substance Abuse Treatment DirectorDuane Triplett
Primary Consumer of Community-Based Treatment Family MemberElmira Leto
Primary Consumer of Substance Abuse ServicesShana Brady