Health and Wellness Program

In 2017, the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners approved and established the Health and Wellness Progam as a valuable part of every employee’s life. Participating annually in preventative health care screenings and healthy lifestyles can save your life. Monroe County cares about your health and well-being and wants you to be healthy, remain healthy and be around for a long time for your family.

Annual Health Fair

In the past years, the County has sponsored an Annual Health Fair where employees attend a free workshop and can participate in biometric screenings, which can identify blood pressure, high blood sugar/diabetes, or other critical measurements that need immediate medical attention. 

Health Fair participation is at an all-time high. The County Commission grants four hours of paid time off for employees participating. Participating employers are the BOCC, Court Administration, Monroe County Land Authority, Monroe County Property Appraiser, and Monroe County Clerk of Courts.

Waiting to treat health issues is expensive. For every critical condition found during a health fair, it is estimated that the potential health care cost savings are $125,000 over a three-year time period. 

Save Money with Preventative Screenings

All employees enrolled in the Monroe County group health plan (the BOCC, Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Monroe County Tax Collector, Clerk of the Court, Supervisor of Elections, Monroe County Property Appraiser, Court Administration, Monroe County Land Authority) are eligible to participate in the Health and Wellness Program. Employees who visit personal physicians and obtain free age-appropriate preventive screenings before October 31 of each year are also granted a $25/month savings for the entire next year (a total savings of $300).

  1. Natalie Maddox

    Senior Employee Benefits Administrator