Engineering Services / Roads & Bridges

52 - 54 Sexton Cove Road Project LR

Engineering Services Responsibilities

Engineering Services oversees the design and construction of Monroe County's roads, public rights of way, bridges, sidewalks, and pedestrian/bike paths. Projects include the replacement or rehabilitation of County bridges, the resurfacing of County roads, installation of drainage improvement on County roads and the construction of new pedestrian/bike paths.

Engineering Services Department established a transition plan and is implementing upgrades to Monroe County maintained sidewalks in the Sidewalk ADA Transition Plan.

Engineering Services also is responsible for:

  • Rights of Way Use Permits
  • Maintenance and Repair of Traffic Signals at intersections of U.S. 1 and County Roads
  • Maintenance and Repair of Street Lights on U.S. 1

Roads and Bridges Responsibilities

Roads and Bridges operate from locations in Key West and Key Largo. We maintain 27 County bridges, approximately 312 miles of County roads and rights of way, and the County's pedestrian/bike paths.

Routine maintenance includes trimming trees, mowing rights of way, street sweeping, striping, signage, shoulder work and repairing potholes.

Roads and Bridges also is responsible for:

  • Cleaning up after storms
  • Completing additional storm-related projects
  • Removing debris
  • Repairing rights of way

U.S. 1 and its rights of way are under the purview of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

2014 Bridge Assessment Report

In 2014, Monroe County had a Bridge Assessment conducted of its 27 County bridges. Click here for the Bridge Assessment Report 9-9-14. 

Card Sound Toll Authority

The Card Sound Toll Authority is primarily responsible for operating the Card Sound Bridge toll booth in North Key Largo. The department also maintains the toll facilities and grounds and mows and cuts brush on the right of way along Card Sound Road.

2016 Card Sound Toll Road Traffic and Revenue Study

In 2016, the County had a traffic and revenue study done for the Card Sound Toll road. Click here for the study.


The Engineering Services/Roads and Bridges Department is funded by Local Option and Constitutional Gas Tax funds. Many capital improvement projects, such as road resurfacing, are partially funded by the 1-cent Infrastructure Sales Tax.

Mission Statement

The Department's goal is to provide residents and travelers with safe and well-maintained roads, bridges and bike/pedestrian paths on which to travel -- and to provide visually enjoyable rights of way.