In-Home Services

Monroe County In-Home Services is a program that operates under Monroe County Social Services as a provider of in-home support services to frail, impaired elderly persons (age 60 or older) and/or disabled adults (age 18 to 59 years) who are residents of Monroe County.

The program's goal is to offer an alternative to nursing home placement. The program assists individuals in their own homes or the homes of family or friends to live dignified and reasonably independent lives.


Alzheimer's Disease Initiative Program

The program addresses the special needs of Alzheimer's Disease clients and their caregivers. There is a copay program mandated through the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs, enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1995. The copay is based on the client's monthly income.

Community Care for Disabled Adults

The program helps disabled adults between the ages of 18-59 who have unmet needs. Funding is through the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.

Home Care for Elderly Adults

The program encourages the provision of care for elders in family-type living arrangements in private homes as an alternative to a nursing home or other institutional care. Case management and subsidy payments are available to qualified caregivers through the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs and/or vendors of goods and services on behalf of eligible clients in the program.

Age and Disabled Adult Medicaid Waiver Program

The program provides an opportunity for adults ages 18-64 with disabilities and frail persons aged 65 or older who are at risk of placement in a nursing home and meet Medicaid technical and financial criteria to remain in a community setting.

Older Americans Act: Title III-B and III-E

Services provided under this program are homemaker, respite care, and personal care.

Grievance Procedures

Monroe County In-Home Services has a written policy concerning grievance procedures. Grievance Procedures Form