Building Safety Inspection Program (BSIP)

The Monroe County Building Department (MCBD) will soon begin to issue notices to commercial building owners as part of the new Building Safety Inspection Program (BSIP). The program is an initiative by the State of Florida and the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners. The BSIP will work in tandem with the Florida Building Code and Monroe County Code. MCBD will be implementing updated regulations and inspection timelines.

Under the new BSIP, some commercial buildings will be subjected to a new set of requirements.

The MCBD will be sending out the notices via certified mail to the owners of commercial buildings that meet a specific criterion. Criteria for inspections will include buildings of a particular size, buildings that are 25 years old or older, and structures three stories or higher. These notices will be sent out giving owners enough time to prepare for the necessary reports.

Upon receiving the notice, it is crucial for the building owners to review its contents and promptly initiate the necessary actions to comply with the new BSIP requirements. Responsibility for arranging the required inspections lies solely with the building owners. They must engage the services of a Florida-registered Professional Engineer or Architect, as well as an electrical engineer, to conduct the mandatory inspections.

For any more information regarding the BSIP or the inspection notice, contact The initiative is an effort to ensure the safety and stability of commercial buildings, and cooperation is highly appreciated.

  1. Reynaldo Ortiz

    Assistant Building Official

  2. Building Safety Inspection Program