Improving Mobility. Enhancing Opportunities. Connecting Communities. 

The primary goal of Monroe County Transit is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Monroe County and its five municipalities by providing a public transit system that reduces congestion, has frequent and reliable service, and is safe to ride.  To accomplish this, a modern and efficient system needs to be planned, designed, and built specifically for the uniqueness of Monroe county and its diverse communities.

  • Overseas Highway is the major transportation link for each of the Keys and the only land-based link to the mainland of Florida.
  • The current level of service allows for an evacuation time of 24 hours for the entire population.
  • The public transit service providers are Miami-Dade Transit, Key West Transit, and Freebee, a micro-mobility service (only offered in Islamorada).

Current Service

Miami-Dade Transit

Runs two routes of services via Americas Transportation from Miami-Dade to Ocean Reef and through Mile Marker 50.

Key West Transit

Picks service up at Mile Marker 50 and local service in and around Key West. 

On-Demand Service in Islamorada and Key West

Free Bee

Future Service

On-demand service from Stock Island to Key West

Three-Year Plan

Year One

  • Analyze existing conditions
  • Socialize long-term strategy and feasibility of the timeline
  • Identify needs and types of service to fit the needs (data-driven)
  • Identify transit and funding model

Year Two

  • Perform service planning
  • Identify and pursue FDOT and USDOT funding
  • Design an operational plan
  • Identify real estate needs (bus stops, maintenance, etc.)
  • Ascertain staffing needs

Year Three

  • Begin service delivery
  • Positive ridership growth
  • Re-evaluate performance records
  • Adjust team trajectory to fit long-term strategy


  1. Richard Clark Headshot

    Richard Clark

    Executive Director