Caring For Pets After a Disaster


Helping Your Pets 

After the storm, your pets may be anxious and afraid. Try and comfort them. Speak calmly and take some time out to play with them. Doing so can help you in your recovery, as well. 

A scared animal may react by biting or scratching. Handle animals carefully and calmly. Pets can become upset and react in unusual ways, such as spraying urine, defecating on floors or scratching/biting furnishings. These are normal behaviors after a traumatic event.

 Since pets will need regular care and attention to help them calm down, try to leave pets with a family member, friend, veterinarian or boarding facility while you are cleaning up your home. 

Animals are naturally curious and could get injured if they are brought back to a damaged home. Use toys, a blanket or favorite human's unsoiled clothing to comfort pets. Make sure pets are fed their usual diet and have plenty of fresh water. If you become concerned about your pet’s behavior, seek advice from your veterinarian.