Boating, Fishing & Boat Ramps

Boat Ramps

COVID-19 health safety directives are being enforced for all visitors and residents throughout the Florida Keys, including those participating in lobster season. Facial coverings are required to be worn and people are advised to practice social distancing and frequent hand washing.

Private and business boat ramps are not affected by public closure directives.

Key Largo

Rowell’s Park and Bay Drive will be closed to the public through Sunday, Aug. 9. Sunset Point and Harry Harris Park will only be accessible to residents during that time. The County will limit boat ramp access in Key Largo to follow the Village of Islamorada’s closures. Rowell’s Park and Bay Drive will be closed to the public, and Sunset Point and Harry Harris Park will only accessible by residents through Sunday, Aug. 9. During this time, nonresidents will need to seek a private boat ramp or seek a public ramp elsewhere in the Florida Keys.


Public parks, public beaches and public boat ramps are to be closed through Wednesday, Aug. 19. The closures include Founders Park, Anne’s Beach, Library Beach Park and the area known as the Fills (between mile marker 77.5 and 79.8), as well as the boat ramps at East Ridge Road and Blackwood Drive and the Indian Key Boat Ramp. The boat ramp at Founders Park is to be open to residents, homeowners, and lodging guests with identification proof. All Village of Islamorada public parks, public beaches, and public boat ramps will be closed to the public starting until WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2020 

The closure includes Anne’s Beach, Library Beach Park, and the entire area known as the Fills from MM 77.5 to 79.8. All parking areas will be closed to the public. No vehicles, picnicking, tents, chairs, or other items will be allowed in any park or the Fills area.

The public boat ramps at East Ridge Road, Blackwood Drive, and the Indian Key Boat Ramp will be closed.

The closures do not affect private marinas and private boat ramps. Visitors are encouraged to support the local economy by using private facilities.

Founders Park 

Founders Park will be open for residents and homeowners only and the boat ramp at founders park will be open for residents and lodging guests only. Proof of residency or homeownership is required with a Driver’s License (or another legal form of ID) with an Islamorada address or a Founders Park Resident ID card. Those using a Founders Park Resident ID card must also show ID with the same name. All Founders Park amenities will be open at the 50 percent capacity level previously established.

Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina Boat Ramp

The boat ramp at the Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina in Founders Park will be open to Islamorada residents, homeowners, and lodging guests. Only boats registered to the resident, homeowner, or lodging guest will be allowed to use the boat ramp. Lodging guests must show a lease, reservation, or receipt from the vacation rental or hotel of which they are a guest. The document must match the guest’s legal ID. Lodging guests may use the boat ramp but may not remain in the park to use other amenities. Boat ramp fees apply for lodging guests.

When the trailer parking lot is full, restrictions will apply.


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and FWC are patrolling popular sandbars and social areas. Patrols will increase on high traffic days like Saturday and Sunday.


  • Fishing and charters are allowed. 
  • Charters must follow social distancing requirements. 

Fishing Bridges

All fishing bridges are open. Trash cans are available. Those visiting the bridges are expected to maintain safe social distances of at least 6 feet apart.