Voluntary Home Buyout Program

Voluntary Home Buyout Program: $10 Million Keyswide

The deadline for application for Monroe County's Voluntary Home Buyout Program closed as of Sept. 23, 2019. If the program reopens, those who filled out an application after the closing date will be notified if future programs are made available.

Monroe County submitted its application to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity on Thursday, September 27, 2019. The County submitted a total of 62 applications totaling more than $25 million in estimated project costs. Monroe County also submitted a proposed point prioritization system which was approved by the Board of County Commissioners. 

In addition to the local project prioritization criteria, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has also established a State-mandated point system which may also be viewed in the linked document. Until DEO approves the local project prioritization system, we will not be able to prioritize the projects included in the application. Approval from the DEO is needed to proceed in the program implementation.

Program Background

The State of Florida allocated $10 million to Monroe County through the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Voluntary Home Buyout Program. The voluntary program was created to encourage risk reduction through the purchase of residential property in high flood-risk areas impacted by Hurricane Irma.

This program allows the government to purchase your property at the pre-Hurricane Irma fair market value for both the land and the structure. Priority properties are located in low- and moderate-income areas. Any existing structures will be demolished, and the property will be used for permanent open space, conservation, recreation, or stormwater management systems in perpetuity.

Citizen Participation Plan

Final Application 

More Information

Interested homeowners can find more information and the application at the DEO website. The DEO application period is closed. Additional questions can be directed to rebuildflorida@deo.myflorida.com.

Mailbox damage from Hurricane Irma

Public Meeting: Voluntary Home Buyout Program

On July 22, 2019, Monroe County held a public meeting regarding the Voluntary Home Buyout Program. To view the hearing, click Video on Demand

Designated Citizen Participation Coordinators

Monroe County:



REBUILD FLORIDA: Repair, replace and elevate damaged homes

Rebuild Florida is a state-run program with federal funding through the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) and County support. Florida is slated to receive $616 million in the first round. This money will help qualified families or residents whose homes were destroyed or severely damaged by Hurricane Irma repair or rebuild their homes. It also is available for property owners who rent to qualified households. $90 Million has been set aside for the Florida Keys in the first round. Click Rebuild Florida for eligibility requirements and more information.