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Employment FAQs
1. Are you currently accepting applications for career Firefighter/EMTs or Firefighter/Paramedics?
No, the application period is currently closed. News of future openings will be announced in this space.

2. How often does the application process open?
Usually in late spring/early summer of each year.

3. How long does the application process take?
Applications are usually accepted in spring/early summer and the testing process takes place over the summer. Interviews usually happen in August/September to create the eligibility list which will  be in effect for 12 months. Candidates that are placed on the eligibility list will be considered for positions as and when they become vacant.

4. What qualifications are required?
An eligible candidate must be Florida Fire Certified (Firefighter II); a Florida licensed paramedic or EMT and have EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Course) certification showing 16 hours of training.  Please check the actual job posting for details of additional requirements.

5. Is there pre-employment testing?
Yes.  There is a 4-step process to qualify applicants to be placed on the MCFR eligibility list. Candidates must first pass a written examination.  Candidates who pass the written exam will then be scheduled for a pre-employment physical ability test (P.A.T.) designed to simulate firefighter activities. They will face a variety of scenarios, some of which must be completed within a certain period of time. Candidates that pass the PAT will then be scheduled for a pre-employment medical ability test (M.A.T.) designed to simulate medical activities.  Candidates that pass the MAT will then be scheduled for personal interviews.  Successful candidates will then be placed on the eligibility list for a period of one year.

6. Who should I contact to discuss my application?
Please email Valeri Kolessar or call her on (305) 289-6004 to discuss your employment application.

7. How do I volunteer with Monroe County Fire Rescue?
Contact the Fire Station you wish to volunteer at for information. A list of Fire Stations can be found here.  You can also contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Valeri Kolessar, or call her at (305) 289-6004.