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Facility Type Facility Name City
Air Transportation Monroe County Trauma Star Marathon
EOC's Primary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Marathon
EOC's Radiological Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Tavernier
EOC's Secondary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Marathon
Fire Stations Station 08 Stock Island Stock Island
Fire Stations Station 09 Big Coppitt Big Coppitt
Fire Stations Station 10 Sugarloaf Sugarloaf
Fire Stations Station 11 Cudjoe Cudjoe Key
Fire Stations Station 13 Big Pine Big Pine Key
Fire Stations Station 17 Conch Key Conch Key
Fire Stations Station 18 Layton Layton
Fire Stations Station 22 Tavernier Tavernier
GP Shelters Coral Shores High School - Open for Catagory 1 & 2 Storms only Plantation Key
GP Shelters Key West High School - Open for Catagory 1 & 2 Storms only Key West
GP Shelters Marathon High School - Open for Catagory 1 & 2 Storms only Marathon
GP Shelters Sugarloaf School - Open for Catagory 1 & 2 Storms only Sugarloaf
Offices Emergency Management Office Marathon
Offices Fire Rescue Marathon
SpNS Shelters Florida International University (FIU) Miami
SpNS Shelters Harvey Government Center Key West