Multi-Year Implementation Plan


The County’s MYIP was formally approved by the Board of County Commissioners at its September 2015 board meeting, and subsequently submitted to the Treasury Department in October 2016. View the final, submitted document.


The Monroe County Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MYIP) is posted here for public review and comment. It consists of three parts (click the links to access each document):

1) The required Matrix, a Treasury Department spreadsheet outlining projects, budgets, and dates;

2) The required Narrative, a Treasury Department Adobe form; and

3) An additional Plan Document providing more detailed information (this is not technically required, but is invited.)

As a result of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Monroe County is the recipient of RESTORE Act funding from civil penalty fines from the responsible parties. The funds available to the County at this time, $1,167,643, are those from the settlement of Transocean.

Pursuant to RESTORE Act regulations, Monroe County developed the MYIP which describes the process the County used for project selection and award, and a description of those projects. The MYIP tracks the funds currently available to Monroe County and consists of three projects as ranked by Monroe County’s RESTORE Act Local Advisory Committee and approved by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners:

  • Coral Restoration, $550,000;
  • Canal Restoration Monroe County, $450,000; and
  • Canal Restoration Islamorada, $100,000.

Also pursuant to the regulations, Monroe County will post the MYIP for public review and comment for a minimum of 45 days. (The County’s MYIP is posted on July 8, 2015, and will remain posted through August 31, 2015.)

This document is to be considered a Draft MYIP until such time that public input is received and incorporated, and a revised Final MYIP is developed and formally adopted by the Monroe County BOCC. We hope to bring that to the BOCC for the September agenda.

The Final MYIP will then be sent to the Treasury Department for approval. Once approved, Treasury will then notify the County that it may begin submitting grant applications for the three (3) projects and activities consistent with this MYIP.

Please send your comments to MYIP Comments.

(NOTE: Though there has been recent news of a settlement with BP, that settlement has not yet been finalized, those funds are not yet available, the County has not yet determined the distribution of that funding, and therefore it is not a part of the MYIP at this time.)