Local Level Activity

Local Level Activity

Local Advisory Committee Completes Its Project Evaluation and Ranking

At its December 11 and 12, 2014 meeting, the Local RESTORE Act Advisory Committee evaluated, scored, and ranked the project applications seeking funding from Monroe County’s Restore Act Local Pot (of $1.16 Million).

Representatives of each of the projects submitted for local pot funding were offered 3 minutes to speak on their project, and to respond to questions from the Committee members. It was recommended but not required that applicants attend this meeting.

The committee completed this process within the course of one and half days – one full day for presentations, and another half day for committee discussion, scoring, and compiling. The committee heard 37 presentations.

After presentations, the Committee members then finalized their scores. The members’ scores were compiled. Those submissions with the highest total scores were ranked the highest.

The ranking is a committee recommendation and will be now forwarded to the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners, who will decide which top ranked project(s) will be awarded funding, and how the $1.16 Million in local pot dollars will be distributed to those awarded projects. As part of its final award decision, the BOCC may choose to apply additional criteria decision including but not limited to a financial risk analysis of top ranked applicants and an assessment of compliance with Treasury's "best available science" requirement.