Construction Legislation / Actions

New Federal Rules for Renovating & Painting Older Buildings

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has new rules regarding the renovation and repair of painted surfaces in buildings built prior to 1978 or in buildings with children. Contractors removing windows or painting must be certified and must follow certain safety procedures. Fortunately, these rules only require safety procedures, not testing or removing lead-based paint. However, property managers and contractors can be fined $38,000 a day for violating these new rules.

Permit Extension Notice

Florida Legislature may annually provide law to allow extensions to issued building permits. In order to be eligible the permit must have an expiration date as noted for the specific legislative extension, and application for the extension to the authorizing agency must be received by the specified due date in the legislation. See Extension Summary and available application on our Building Department Webpage under Extension Requests.

This authorization of permit extension is for any development order or building permit issued by a local government (county or municipality), and permits issued pursuant to part IV of Chapter 373 Florida Statutes by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), or a water management district.

Not covered by this extension are permits determined to be in significant noncompliance with the conditions of the permit as established through action by the authorizing agency, or permits that, if granted an extension, would delay or prevent compliance with a court order.