Visitor & Travel Information

Monroe County is closed to all tourists and leisure visitors

Road Closures

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is implementing a southbound checkpoint at MM 112.5 and State Road 905 (after Ocean Reef), to reinforce the County’s closure to visitors and non-residents.

Checkpoints will begin no later than early Friday morning. Only residents, property owners, and those actively involved in work in the Florida Keys will be admitted, including fuel tankers, delivery and grocery trucks.

Long delays are possible at checkpoints. Do not call 911 with non-emergency questions about U.S. 1.


Lodging establishment are no longer accepting reservations until further notice. 

Current reservations cannot be extended. All hotels, short term vacation rentals, and other transient rentals like marinas, RV parks, and timeshares will cease renting to tourists for 14 days. 

The ban does not include rentals for military, first responders, health care workers, and construction workers actively engaged in projects in Monroe County. There are no restrictions for homeowners and second homeowners who have houses in the Florida Keys.


Effective immediate, Key West Transit has implemented the following changes:

  • LOWER KEYS SHUTTLE reduced hours: 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Last northbound from Caroline and Grinnell Streets 5:54 p.m.
  • Last southbound 5:34 p.m. from Marathon
  • RED & ORANGE routes indefinitely SUSPENDED
  • BLUE & GREEN operating on Sunday Schedule
  • DUVAL LOOP indefinitely suspended.

 As a precautionary measure for the health of our passengers and employees, until further notice City officials ask that citizens limit bus rides to only essential trips, such as medical needs and groceries.

Fares have been suspended. Passengers are asked to use the rear door to enter and exit the bus.  Passengers who require the use of the ramp or the bus lowered can still use the front door.

Key West Transit has indefinitely suspended in-person services at the Transit Facility on College Road. Customer Service is still available by calling 305-809-3910.

Buses are staffed with an individual who will continually wipe down surfaces.


  • Major U.S. cruise lines have voluntarily suspended operations for 30 days due to coronavirus. 
  • The port is still open for marine traffic which includes recreational vessels.
  • The Ferry Terminal in Key West is closed to incoming passengers. 


  • Key West International Airport continues to operate, pursuant to and consistent with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transportation Security Administration. There has been a significant decrease in commercial air travel due to COVID-19. For example, a flight that arrived Friday was scheduled to carry 27 passengers, but arrived with only seven people, five of whom were a family with three children. All were property owners in Monroe County.

  • Of the five commercial flights on Saturday, 18 passengers arrived into Key West and 62 passengers departed.

  • Florida Department of Health in Monroe County and Key West International Airport have implemented state-directed screening, which includes a separate facility and isolation area. Passengers fill out the Dept. of Health-required questionnaire, have their temperatures taken, and are provided the Executive Order 20-82. Anyone coming from an airport directed by the order is required to quarantine themselves for 14 days. The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County trained Monroe County Fire Rescue to provide the follow up with each individual. It is a second-degree misdemeanor and punishable by imprisonment and or fine to not follow the directive.

  • Most flights from the areas in the directive are canceled or consolidated. On average, passenger counts this time of year range in the 70 to 124 passengers per flight. Due to the virus, it has been between two and 10 people, most of whom have been residents or property owners. Outbound fights have been significantly fuller.

  • Airports are regulated by the FAA, and no airports in the United States have been restricted. Any restriction on aviation would be issued from the federal level. In addition to commercial planes, the airport also hosts general aviation, which is also regulated by the FAA. Although not mandated, the Key West and Marathon airport staff have been giving a copy of the directive to arriving general aviation flights from those areas as well.

Gov. DeSantis: Travel Restriction

Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-80, directing all persons whose point of departure originates from outside the State of Florida in an area with substantial community spread, to include the New York Tri-State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana), and entering the State of Florida through airports to isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into the State of Florida or the duration of the person’s presence in the State of Florida, whichever is shorter.

Naval Airstation Key West

  • Closed to all recreational visitors until further notice