IRMA: Housing Assistance

Photo of Mobile Home Destroyed on Big Pine Key by Hurricane Irma

Mobile home destroyed on Big Pine Key by Hurricane Irma's winds and storm surge.

Rendering of a tiny home on stilts

Artist rendition of elevated, code-compliant tiny home being built in the Keys.

REBUILD FLORIDA: Repair, replace and elevate damaged homes

Rebuild Florida is a state-run program with federal funding through the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) and County support. Florida is slated to receive $616 million in the first round. This money will help qualified families or residents whose homes were destroyed or severely damaged by Hurricane Irma repair or rebuild their homes. It also is available for property owners who rent to qualified households. $90 Million has been set aside for the Florida Keys in the first round. Click Rebuild Florida for eligibility requirements and more information.

TINY HOMES: Building stronger and safer

The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners approved in December 2018 the building of four “Tiny Homes” to serve as code-compliant models for residents who are rebuilding after losing their mobile homes during Hurricane Irma. The County solicited vendor proposals to design and build four different resilient code compliant prototype Tiny homes on County-owned land. These replacement homes will be safer and better suited to survive future storms. For more information, click Tiny Homes


FEMA's Direct Temporary Housing Program for Hurricane Irma ended March 10, 2019 - a year and a half after the storm struck on Sept. 10, 2017.

By January 10, 2019, End of Program letters will be delivered to the remaining occupants reminding them that the term of the Direct Housing Assistance is ending on March 10, 2019, and that the occupant should find more permanent housing by that date.

As of Dec. 26, 2018, there are 63 households living in FEMA temporary trailers in the Keys and 12 households living in FEMA direct-leased properties. This is down from the original 243 households (215 in travel trailers and 28 in direct-leased properties) who have stayed temporarily in housing supplied by FEMA.

IRMA HOUSING GRANTS PROGRAM: Building Affordable Workforce Housing

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